C1V Hosting

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Solutions for companies and individuals.

Premium Hardware

For our servers we use Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen processors, this to offer the best performance and reliability.

DDoS Protected

DDoS Protection up to 1Tbps with Mikrotik/Cisco routers and filters for all applications. Your servers will not have any impact from DDoS.

Control Panel

We boast a professional Server and Hosting management panel, which will allow you to carry out many operations in complete autonomy.


Our servers and routers are also optimized for game and voice server hosts, such as Minecraft and TeamSpeak. You can host your own game and voice server and get high performance.


Our network passes through Cogent, GTT, Sparkle, Namex, Mix, Minap and more than 340 other private peerings. This allows to minimize the worldwide PING thanks to the optimized routes.

Automatic Activations

Why wait for deliveries of services that can be activated immediately? All C1V Hosting servers are fully automatic, and delivery is instant. Order your server now.