We are happy to announce the new version of C1V Shield which was released in our systems a few days ago.




- Notification of DDoS attack via email/SMS at the starting and at the end of it


- New DDoS graphs in the Layer4 panel


- Prefiltering through the PoPs of Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris with Pro-Active filtering in Milan and Rome


- Stateful DDoS mitigation capacity upgraded to 380Gbps


The Customer can add TCP/UDP accept/discard/ratelimit rules based on the packet-lenght/ttl/geoip/payload on their IP through the Layer4 panel.


Upcoming planned updates:


- Provide the Customer with the possibility to download the .pcap dump of DDoS attacks


- Create even more detailed statistics and PDF reports of each attack


- Add more Clusters to the DDoS Mitigation to have a stateful capacity of 400Gbps


and so on..

Martedì, Aprile 27, 2021

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