DDoS Protection

Anti-DDoS Tunnel

Description Tunnel with BGP session between C1V Hosting and your endpoint, where you will advertise subnets to protect. Traffic will enter in our Network, mitigated and then sent to you through the tunnel.

Target Protection against all known types of DDoS attacks. You can also choose to include protection against HTTP (S) attacks.

Traffic Included Unmetered clean traffic with different levels of commitment.

Anti-DDoS specification Transparent filtering and mitigation of TCP, UDP and GRE layers up to 1,000 Gbps for any known attack type, including DNS, HTTP (S), GAME / VOICE servers attacks.

Layer7 DDoS Protection

Description Layer7 HTTP(S) Transparent reverse-proxy filtering and scrubbing. Traffic will enter our network, false and bad requests will be blocked, and clean traffic will be sent to your backend server via the reverse-proxy.

Target Protection against Layer7 DDoS attacks on HTTP(S) websites through transparent filtering.

Traffic Included Unmetered clean traffic without any monthly bandwidth limit.

Anti-DDoS specification Transparent TCP layer filtering and mitigation up to 1,000 Gbps for any HTTP (S) website attack threat.