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General conditions of service, data processing and cookie policy

With "WE", "C1V HOSTING", "Staff" we mean the company "C1V di Cinzia Tocci" and its related staff.

1 Duration of the contract
The duration of the contract is specified at the time of purchase, the renewal occurs at the end.

1.1 Electronic invoicing
We carry out electronic invoicing only if the customer requests it by opening a ticket within 5 days of payment.

2 Confidentiality
It is not allowed to publish information from staff online and offline, in the event of a publication this article is violated, and leads to the immediate closure of the customer's account.

3 Activation
All activations are automatic if available, the average time is 60 seconds from payment. We are not required to provide any service instantly, primarily for identity verification purposes.

4 Bandwidth
The bandwidth provided to the services is specified in the order form. It can be expanded upon request via ticket up to 100Gbit/s or multiple ports at 100G.
VPS Policy: Each VPS has a fair-use policy, 10Gbit/s on VPS is a burstable plan. C1V Hosting reserves the right to suspend or terminate a service if it exceeds our fair-use policy. Most VPS have a monthly bandwidth limitation, which equates to some TeraBytes (see in order form). You can buy an addon to don't care about this. If you don't have the addon and you exceed the limit, the VPS will be stopped until the end of the month.

5 Rights
The staff has the right to suspend the service offered to the customer at any time, without having to inform him. Any illegal or infringing material hosted on our servers is not allowed.

6 Disputes
In the event of a dispute regarding a payment, the service offered to the customer will be immediately suspended and compensation for damages will be requested.
If upon request by C1V Hosting, adequate documentation to validate the customer's identity, the same is not produced, C1V Hosting reserves the right to close the relationship with the customer within 15 days of the request.

7 Prohibited Scripts or Software
The following software is prohibited: File sharing, IRCd, TOR-Exit-nodes, crawling, Bot, Backdoor, Virus hosting, Carding, IRC script, Proxy server, Mail Spammer, Mail bomber, IP spoofing, Port scanner, Botnet ssh / telnet access script, IPTV, Hivemail, Botnet or D / DoS script, CPU Mining, CPU / RAM / SSD Stresser and other illegal or infringing third party rights scripts
In the event of continuous cpu or ram stress we will have the right to suspend the service to request due explanations.

8 Refunds for delivered services
We do not issue refunds for services already activated, as each of our services from delivery to the customer begins to consume non-refundable goods to us. Example: Power, Internet connection, Licenses.

9 DDoS protection
C1V Hosting is not responsible for offs caused by DDoS attacks. C1V Hosting is committed to filtering and mitigating the attack through our mitigation systems.
At the moment we can guarantee protection from attacks by maximum:
1180Gbps / 2500 Mpps

10 Defamation
In the event of any defamation, the services associated with the customer will be suspended, and we will not issue refunds.

11 Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Services that read Service Level Agreement include one of the highest standards of reliability and uptime. The guaranteed SLA is on an annual basis, with a forward verification every 365 days from the start of the service. In the event that C1V Hosting does not respect the guaranteed SLA, the Customer can request a refund through credits equal to this calculation: 100% Uptime divided by 365 days and then this figure minus the SLA provided. This will be the percentage to be refunded of the last payment.

11.1 Network Uptime
We guarantee a 99,95% yearly uptime of our Global Network Backbone. This means if our location network uptime is lower than 99,95% but global network uptime is higher, SLA is still guaranteed.

12 Free Trials
We usually do not offer free trials, as our every service from delivery to the customer begins to consume non-refundable goods to us. Example: Power, Internet connection, Licenses.

13 Legal Liability
The responsibility for each individual customer service is the sole responsibility of the customer.

14 Password recovery
We are very careful and respect the customer's privacy, so we do not have the power to revoke the password or access the customer's services, the latter except upon express request.

15 Changes to the Terms
This policy is effective from 01/07/2021. C1VHosting.it reserves the right to modify or simply update its content, in part or completely, also due to changes in the applicable legislation.
It is the customer's responsibility to keep himself informed of future changes to the following conditions

16 Indemnity Policy
The customer agrees to use all the services offered by C1V HOSTING at his own risk. Under no circumstances will C1V HOSTING be responsible for any loss of data or other damage caused to the service offered.

17 Reliability
The staff reserves the right to request valid documentation from the customer at any time to validate the customer's identity. Upon request for valid identity documentation, the customer must send the same by e-mail to support@c1vhosting.it no later than the same day. Should the documentation not be provided in the event of a request, C1V Hosting reserves the right to close any relationship with the customer within the day following the request.

18 Payment Fee
Upon payment, an additional payment service fee may be applied.

19 Windows Licenses
Windows Server comes with a 180-day trial license.
It will be the customer who will have to activate the license once the 180 days have expired by typing the commands found in the activation email, C1V HOSTING does not provide Windows licenses.

20 Location
The servers are supplied in: Italy, at our datacenters distributed throughout the peninsula. 
We have European PoPs such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich and Paris as scrubbing centers for our DDoS Protection.

21 Right of withdrawal
We are required to pay any compensation only within 14 days of purchase.
In case of request, a registered mail must be sent to the office with attached documents.

22 IPv4 Subnet Leasing
The Customer agrees to have a 12-month obligation and in the event of cancellation before the bond, use of the subnet after its expiring date, a penalty of €150 per subnet and €50 per blacklisted-IP will be applied.

22 Affiliate Earning
Each affiliate earns 10% for 0-100€ orders and 20% for 100+ orders.

23 Missing paid invoice
In case of non-payment of an invoice regarding a service or a service addon, the latter will be terminated when it has expired and we will proceed within the following 72 hours to notify the Credit Recovery which will add a starting and fixed fee of €500/service to the Customer in addition to the full payment to be made. If the service is paid when invoice is overdue, Customer won't receive the service.

24 Damages to the Company
In case of fraudulent or harmful use or the Customer causes damage to C1V Hosting, at its sole discretion C1V Hosting will invoice a penalty (which will be indicated to the Customer) and the amount of damages to be paid and in case of on non-payment C1V Hosting will issue art. 23

25 Fixed Wireless Access or 4G SIM
Our FWA, except where written point-to-point radio in the contract, runs on frequencies of the 4G network in band 1, band 3, band 7 or band 20.

Data processing and Cookie Policy. Scroll through the text to see it in full.

C1V Hosting is Cinzia Tocci's C1V brand dedicated to offering hosting services. C1V di Cinzia Tocci is constantly committed to protecting the online privacy of its users.

According to the rules of the Regulation and Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments ("Privacy Code"), the treatments carried out by C1V di Cinzia Tocci will be based on the principles of lawfulness, correctness, transparency, purpose limitation and conservation , data minimization, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality.

1. The personal data being processed
By processing of personal data we mean any operation or set of operations, carried out with or without the aid of automated processes and applied to personal data or sets of personal data, such as collection, registration, organization, structuring, storage , adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, communication by transmission, dissemination or any other form of making available, comparison or interconnection, limitation, cancellation or destruction.
We inform you that the personal data being processed will consist - also depending on your decisions on how to use the Services - by an identifier such as name, email address, identification number, location data, an online identifier , purchases made, and other data suitable for making you identified or identifiable, depending on the type of Services requested (hereinafter only "Personal Data"). In particular, the other Personal Data processed through the Site are the following:

- Traffic data
- IP address used and e-mail address and any further identification of the sender;
- date and time (GMT) of the connection and disconnection of the user of the e-mail service on the internet and the IP address used, regardless of the technology and protocol used;
- the internet service used.

These data are processed and stored by C1VHosting.it to provide the service and by law.
- In particular, for the purposes of ascertaining and repressing crimes - and with stringent security measures that make them accessible only to persons specifically authorized in writing, who access them only following a request from the judicial authority accompanied by a motivated decree of public prosecutor and in any case with particularly sophisticated authentication techniques required by law. By law, the data are stored by C1VHosting.it for the purpose of ascertaining and suppressing crimes for six years from their generation. The data are also processed by C1VHosting.it for ordinary business processing related to the provision of the service (eg: for documentation purposes in case of dispute of the invoice or claim for payment, to ascertain fraud, to perform analyzes on behalf of customers) , by virtue of the provisions of the legislation. In this case, the data are stored, with stringent security measures applied by law, for six months from their generation, and subsequently deleted.
- In case of customer support request to staff, all superimposed data will be processed.
- Login to the site is done using the customer's email and password, and the access will be saved in a Necessary Cookie.
- The deletion of the profile must be requested by the customer via a support ticket.
- In case of a request for deletion of the profile by the customer (Which can only be requested by sending a PEC to our Certified Electronic Mail), all the data contained in it will be deleted.

The database and the site are maintained in Rome, Italy.

Cookies or other Identifiers consist of portions of code placed on the User's device that assist C1V HOSTING in providing the Service according to the purposes described.
Some of the purposes of using the Identifiers may also require the User's consent. If it has already been given, consent can be freely revoked at any time by following the instructions contained in this document.

The data manager is C1V di Cinzia Tocci, with registered office at:
Via Andrea Millevoi 681, 00178 Rome.
VAT number: IT12827221008
REA: RM-1405086.